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Automotive Additives

Everyone wants their car to be in the best operating condition and the fluids that help your cars drive train run play a huge role in this. In recent years, there has been a lot of concern regarding oil additives and whether they are good for your car or not.

Well, it is about time to clear the air on the fears on whether engine oil additives work so that you know if they are suitable for you or not. You will come across several auto shops that claim that they sell oil additives that can clean up your fuel system and engine components and even make your car run better. Read on and find out more.

Do They Work?

All the additives in the markets have claims that could be ranked from the most ambitious to the realistic ones. Some common pledges that manufacturers give are that they can increase the vehicle’s horsepower and restore fuel economy but is this guaranteed? You can determine this by looking at the vehicle fluids that interact with the additive.

It is necessary to look at the main role of engine oil which is to lubricate the moving parts and eliminate friction that is an obvious problem. Over the years, sludge will develop on these moving parts, and this increases the friction. Engine oil additives that can prevent the buildup of this substance. The additives also have elements that inhibit the development of rust and thus reduce friction as well.

Types Of Additives

You might have received a warning from your car manufacturer that you should not use aftermarket engine oil and you need to know more about the options. It is vital to distinguish the oils developed by established companies and those by entities that do not conduct sufficient testing. This is where engine oil additives have got their bad reputation as some of the untested ones do not offer the benefits promised by the manufacturer and may even have adverse effects on the car engine.

Do You Need Additives?

Most of the engine oils that we use contain some form of additive, and even if you are not aware, you might have been using them all along. It is advisable to avoid the aftermarket ones which might be attractive due to their price and stick to the ones that have been tried and tested if you wish to enjoy the benefits promised.

In some cases, you can use an additive and not notice any improvement and wonder whether you used the right product. Well, other problems in your engine such as leakages and issues with other parts can hinder the effectiveness of your engine oil additive. All in all, you will receive the best results from using the additives if you use oil that meets the specification for your engine and adhering to filtering and oil changing schedule.

Engine oil additives work well and help your vehicle run efficiently. However, all of this depends on the type of oil you select and how you maintain your car engine. If you do all the mentioned things well, you will get the best of engine oil additives and will experience very minimal problems with your car.

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