Can Engine Oil Additives Stop Engine Knocking Sound?

The invention of machines brought along a number of benefits which range from efficiency to paving way for technological innovations. In today's world, machines make it possible and seamless to perform tasks that are termed as difficult for the human capacity. Vehicles are one of the key inventions that has really shaped the way human beings move from one place to the other.

Over the years, there has been a great deal of advancement within the automobile industry and the car has evolved and brought with it a number of challenges as well as many innovative solutions.

The modern car is made up of several components all of which work together to achieve three key aspects which are: Mobility, Safety, and Speed. The modern car is able to transport people from point A to point B in a safe environment and at speed enabling someone to perform several activities a distance apart efficiently.

Like any other machines, cars are bound to have mechanical failures. This then requires trained personnel to identify the failures and be able to provide a solution. The car components are integrated to work together and a single component failure can affect the performance of the car. Engine problems are unavoidable in a car and sometimes it might be hard to understand what the issue is and what could be the cause.

Engine knock can be very frustrating to the car owner, it is a problem which occurs when the mixture of air and fuel compounds inside the engine cylinder is not in the correct ratio resulting in the uneven burning of fuel.

Normally, fuel burns within the cylinder happen in several pockets and not single fireballs. When engine knock happens, the pockets burn unevenly resulting in wrong shocks within the cylinder hence the damage to the cylinder walls and the engine pistons. The process makes pinging noise that can be heard when the engine knock happens.

Some of the main causes of engine knock are:

  • Low octane ratings in your car fuel.
  • Carbon deposits on the engine cylinder walls.
  • Using incorrect spark plugs for your vehicle.

The advancement in technology has made it possible to correct some of the above-mentioned engine knock issues. One of the innovative ways is the use of additives, these are special engineered liquids which are added to the car's fuel to improve the fuel quality and give your car a better overall performance.

Different types of additives are used for different purposes and in the case of engine knock additives are used to maintain a balance in the fuels being burnt in the engine making the complete process seamless.

The additives cleanse the car fuel tank reducing the possibility of corrosion way before the fuel gets pumped to the engine. At the same time, additives clean the fuel channel including the internal engine components.

This means that the chance of experiencing engine knock is lower when using additives than when not. The additives clean, maintain and improve the quality of fuel in the car.

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