Fuel Additives For Classic Car Engines

Classic cars collections can be done as a hobby or a professional career. As a collector of classic cars, you would want to make sure that your cars are always in good shape and are mechanically fit.

It takes a lot to maintain a classic car and for some people, the little extra touches go a long way in expressing their lifestyle. Different people will opt to personally maintain their cars and some go to an extent of taking professional classes so as to be able to handle most of the repairs themselves as well as long-term maintenance of the cars.

Due to the composition of several parts that make a car, you might be required to have extensive knowledge in order for you to even perform the basic repairs or else you will be required to seek for professional assistance from mechanics who are certified to perform such tasks.

Within the car repair and maintenance space, the choice of replacement and maintenance products highly depends on the desired quality as well as the price point.

In some cases, getting repair parts for classic cars can be a complex task which might require someone which deep know how of the repair markets.

Some of the key components in ensuring a smooth running of your classic car is additives. A good choice of additive would enhance your classic car performance, give more power output, lower car emissions, improve your car engine life as well as give you better fuel consumption economy.

The additives are mostly packaged in a bottle and are simply added to your car by mixing them with the fuel in the car fuel tank. The additive market is huge and you will have a wide variety to choose from.

However, due to the hardcore nature of classic car enthusiasts, there has been a global decline with people opting to run the cars with the original fuel products and fewer additives. The choice entirely depends on individual preferences.

There are different types of additives, they include lead substitutes, octane based additives, and motorsport based additives options. The different additives manufactures offer a variety of options. Below are some of the top effective additives.

1. Castrol

The Castrol's valvemaster additive is highly credited for its performance in protecting the engine under all conditions when driving. It works by keeping the fuel system clean at all times and it is an excellent corrosion protection component. It is also a great product as an octane booster especially for engines with high compression ratios.

2. Tetrosyl Automotive

This is a lead-based additive. The additive is used to prevent the engine from pinking or knocking as well as preventing vehicle power loss, especially for older models.

3. Millers Oils

The Millers company manufacture several petrol additives used for both track and road use. Some of their outstanding products include the manganese-based Millers VSPPlus additive which has lots of benefits such as raising the cars octane fuel number by two. Other types of additives produced by this company include the lead-based CVL Turbo and CVL.

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