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Five days ago My transmission was shuttering pretty Badly so what I did is I used this Device here the link will be in the Description below if you’re interested I Think it’s a great instrument but let me Get to another thing about this in a Moment anyway I pulled roughly About 24 ounces of this fluid so this is What my transmission fluid in the Lincoln looks like right now Basically it’s gone So um it’s it’s not in good shape at all Uh from there like I said I pulled about 24 ounces out this is 10 ounces here but I had some in another bottle And I put this Lube guard platinum in Into the transmission okay and I put What was left of my instant shutter fix I had a little bit of instant shutter Fix left over probably a little less Than an ounce but just to keep things uh More accurate or just easier to track Let’s just say I put an ounce of instant Shutter fix I mixed it in with this Lube Guard platinum and then I put it was my Intention to pull two quarts of fluid Out of the transmission Put this new fluid in as you can see I Didn’t even really Probably shouldn’t even say 10 ounces But I put a little bit in I didn’t get To finish the job I had an emergency and I had to leave I’ve been driving the

Vehicle for five days Um And I do need to put some more fluid Back in I need to put at least One two maybe two full tubes of this Mercon LV in my transmission I’ve been Lazy about doing it but I will get Around to doing that probably within the Next 24 hours I hope Um if I feel up to it but Bringing us back to this device This device here is great okay If you’re going to just do something Like put a Lube guard type thing or this Is your tool But I do wish it could hold a little bit More there’s the capacity on it I do Recommend it it worked great out of the Box I didn’t have to make any Adjustments I plugged that hose in and Hung on tightly to it I would use the Extension because it’s a little tricky Getting it into the transmission for the 2015 through 2017 Lincoln Navigators the 6r80 let’s just say that as far as this Device here Um It works great but all I can say is the Only negative thing that I have to say About it is I kept having to pull some Out and Took several pulls to get What I needed to get out of it so if you Want to take out a lot of fluid I would

Recommend a much larger device I’m going To go on and buy one that I’m looking at On Amazon that’s around ninety dollars I Think that that is going to be better For the job if you want to pull out Several quartz at a time but if you’re Just doing like a little thing where you Just want to pull some fluid out just to Make room for this Lube guard this is Your tool it works great once again a Link to these products are in the Description below I’d appreciate it if You guys would check those things out I Don’t get anything for doing these Videos because they’re not monetized I’m Just trying to Help you guys come to a decision on what You want to do with your transmission And I feel like I’ve found the key to Longevity with the transmission that’s It but um either way the shutter has Gone away completely it hasn’t come back Now I know for sure that I have a fluid Problem not a mechanical problem and I Intend on doing my best to at least get This fluid in the transmission where It’s 50 percent New fluid new Mercon LV along with this Loop guard in there And I’ll just leave the other 50 and Just ride it from there because of the Situation and everything that I’ve been Through I think it’s going to be in my Best interest to just add some more

Mercon lV for now Drive the vehicle If it shutters again Or I was going to say until but let’s Just say in case it doesn’t let’s just Say if it begins to shudder again then I Will activate this method and hopefully Solve this problem with the transmission Once and for all I am currently about to Hit 174 000 miles that is Basically almost 64 000 miles driven since putting the lube Guards or I’m sorry the instant shutter Fix into the vehicle which is now made By Lube Garden Once again I am not paid by Lube guard I’m not sponsored by them they are not Behind any of the things that I’m doing I am just a guy who was having problems With his transmission and decided That I had had enough of giving these Guys four to five thousand dollars for a New transmission I decided to take Matters in my own hands and put this Product Into my transmission which has saved me Thousands of dollars And also given me tens of thousands of Miles of trouble-free driving for the Most part since using it so um oh but Once again it was instant shutter fix This is my first time around with a Lube Guard but I really think

That I I feel very confident that I’ve Got a grip on this and like I said if it Does it again at least I know that the Problem is in the fluid this is the Fluid The problems in the fluid and it if That’s the case then I’ll just change All of it out so we’ll see what goes on From there I appreciate everything that You guys have been writing it’s a hit or Miss thing I guess for some people maybe Those people have a mechanical issue if It doesn’t work for them but for me and For all the people who have been writing And saying hey this is working for me Too I appreciate all of your your Questions your comments and and Everything that you’re saying I Appreciate all of you thanking me for Posting these videos and I really Appreciate all the comments the support And you guys watching these videos it Really means a lot and um I’m gonna have another one out to you as Soon as I have something significant to Tell you all right thanks

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