Does Rs.10 Petrol Additive Improves Mileage & Performance By Cleaning Bike, Scooter & Car Engine?

Petrol additives, also known as fuel supplements, are generally chemicals that are mixed in fuel (petrol / diesel) as they claim to enhance the performance and mileage of your motorcycle (bike), Scooty (scooter) & car for a certain time period.

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There are the different types of fuel additives available in the market, which can be used with petrol or diesel like complete engine cleaner, octane booster and injector cleaner. Almost all of these products can be found at a lubricant store, some of the fuel stations or a performance parts/accessories shop. Most of the petrol additives offered in India are either engine cleaner type or injector cleaner type, which are actually used for cleaning purpose. The engine cleaner type of additives help reduce the deposits on engine’s internal parts and cleans the fuel supply system of the vehicle. On the other hand, the injector cleaner type is formulated for cleaning the clogged injectors to get them in proper working again. It results in a better response, lower long term maintenance bills and reduced engine emissions. However, they don’t put a significant effect on the performance of your vehicle.

Furthermore, first you have to ensure that which type of fuel additive are you going to use, like some of the service stations in India offer injector cleaner type fuel additives to all of the customers. The technician on duty tell the same benefits to everyone for both type of additives and sell that injector cleaner type additive to the convinced customers. While, some of them are having a two-wheeler with carburetor type fuel supply, and there is no injector in the system. So, be careful before investing in such products.

Octane booster type additives are actually meant to enhance the performance by increasing the octane value of your petrol.

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