FULL REVIEW- Rislone Transmission Stop Slip with Leak Repair

Depending on the transmission problem, results will either be immediate or noticeable within a few days of driving.

What it does:
Eliminates Slipping
Repairs Hard Shifting
Stops Leaks and Fluid Loss
Use in Automatic & Manual Transmissions
The Best Transmission Additive for Slipping
A transmission leak is bad news, and a slipping transmission is worse news. The two together? It’s time to get working on a repair. By the time your transmission fluid has leaked enough to make your transmission slip, you’re already starting to damage the transmission internals. The cost of removing and repairing or replacing a modern automatic transmission is extremely high and can take a lot of time. Don’t let your car get to that stage. At the first sign of transmission slip or fluid leak you need to react.

To make your life easier and to keep your vehicle on the road longer,

Hey guys how’s it going welcome to this Video so We are doing a Video on This riceland High mileage formula Transmission stop leak with leak repair So basically it stops hard shifting Leaks and slipping lemonade slipping Repairs hot shifting stops fluid loss Guaranteed no slipping with smoother Shifting and what else Performance adders restore bands and Clutches to stop slip eliminate Hesitation reduce rough shifting renew Stabilizers Automatic transmission fluid reducing Noise shutter and chatter perfect added For poorly maintained transmissions Stops fluid loss reduces friction where Blah blah blah All right guys so Here’s what i’m going to compare this to All right i i have I had an issue with my 2000 2006 gmc 2500 savannah Van all right the van doesn’t have a lot Of mileage on the engine Relatively speaking it has maybe like 150 000 or whatever Now the transmission got changed out Uh the chance transmission got changed Out because of a hurricane that flooded The area they changed out the

Transmission at the time that was like 10 years ago i paid like All right right so as i was saying there Was a hurricane it had the transmission Was just really bad and really bad shape And i had to get it changed out And really didn’t dry the van that much Put some put some You know put some mileage on it maybe Like five six seven eight thousand miles When we’re talking about within like Maybe like uh a couple years And it started having shifting issues And it got progressively worse it got to The point where it when shifted or there Was no shifting At all And i had a couple of codes for the Valve For the valve solenoid on the Transmission i swapped out the Transmission it didn’t change anything And You know it puzzled me because it was Virtually the transmission was a brand New transmission that’s what i was told The shop i’m not quite 100 sean whether It was brand new or not maybe they Rebuilt it i don’t know what they did But it was like It drove well it drove well when it Drove well from like maybe like five six Thousand miles and then afterwards it You know it kind of stopped shifting

Totally And i was thinking to myself Um Um You know i was looking out i was looking For transmission fixes Liquid like repairing a bottle and i was Came across atp 205 atp 205 so So now this this is my transmission not Shifting at all The transmission fluid was clean Transmission fluid was clean there’s no It wasn’t burnt out there was there was No damage to the transmission that i Could possibly see So i i might have thought maybe it may Have been the seals that were Head issues maybe the seals were worn Out maybe the seals hardened whatever And and we’re talking about 2013 maybe 2018 That’s like a good seven years So I put a bottle of that in within Overnight it shifted fine still so maybe Had a little bit of shifting but i was Able to drive without a problem i put Another another bottle in shifted a lot Better Now when i’m driving it i could actually Feel the hot a little bit of a hot shift From from one gear to the next maybe a Slight slip or whatever But

It wasn’t it wasn’t horrible it was a Working transmission everything worked Etc etc so that’s what i’m comparing Um all these All these because i i actually went out And bought What um lucas transmission repair which I’m gonna make a video on that too Because i actually did make a video I believe i did make a video of that Before but anyway I’m going to give you guys an update on That Anyway it is atp 205 i think that’s what It’s called okay order it the the the Times i had i ordered it online Ordered online Um i think it was through amazon or ebay Or whatever And it looked it worked like a miracle It was an 11 bottle Poured it in it resealed Stop and stop my issues from like from Like a non-working transmission that Didn’t shift i would put it into reverse Nothing happened Um put in the drive nothing happened it Was a standstill in the transmission so I put in atp 205 I’m gonna put a link in the link section And it started working again Like i said granted there was there was No visible damage on a transmission the The transmission fluid was pink

Everything On the transmission was good except it Wasn’t Working at all Put that in it worked All right so so that’s what i’m Comparing it to that’s what i’m Comparing these two And And now i i don’t have an issue with the Transmission per se i have uh a rusted Out Line that delivers transmission fluid And That that that that that was leaking Or the most of the transmission fluid Leaked out And And obviously I’m gonna i’m gonna do um I’m gonna repair the line I’m gonna put a union on the line but I’m gonna put in Um transmission fluid i’m gonna put in Transmission fluid Now the transmission probably has like Five six thousand miles on it It was a rebuilt transmission the the Van didn’t drive i didn’t drive the van All that much And I’m gonna i just want to make sure Because there’s at least three bottles Of atp 205 in that transmission fluid

It’s all leaked out and I was looking for something to replace The atp 205 because um i i really can’t Wait For To order another bottle or three bottles So i went and i was looking at different Um different Transmission additives That that’s kind of like Atp 205 so that’s what i’m comparing it To All right if i had atp 205 i put like Three bottles of this like 30 bucks now I went to Walmart walmart had lucas Um i bought the lucas but then i thought Maybe i’d go to I’d go to autozone see what i had and They had like bars leaks had a Transmission stop leak and this riseland Had a transmission stop like they’re all 13 bucks lucas was 13 bucks 14 bucks ran Around the same ballpark figure And I’ve done videos on riceland Uh engine cleaner and that worked pretty Good And I’m gonna use this all right i’m gonna Use this i have like a bottle of Lucas I’m going to do a review of it I have this power of lucas

And And i’m going to do a review on that of Why i’m not Yeah look out for that look out for that Video But Now what i what i like about this is That it says Performance attitudes restore bands and Clutches i think that’s what the atp 205 Did and and i’m pretty sure that’s what Lucas does also and it probably says on Lucas but there’s a reason why i’m not Uh using the lucas versus this And you’re gonna have to watch lucas Video stop the glucose video Um And and it’s probably not because of Lucas all right probably because of the Situation i had with the previous Transmission that i had issues with but This is what i’m going with This is what i’m going with i there’s a Bars leak and the bars leak was a little Bit of a smaller bottle not not not all That smaller And It was a decision between the bars leaks And the rice land If guys are using this know that if your Transmission fluid is is burnt and black And you smell You smell like burnt There’s a burnt smell in your

Transmission fluid There’s a good chance there’s like a Like maybe like a 90 chance that none of This would help All right Now this stuff The lucas this stuff the bars leak is Going to help if if you have like hot Shifting But that the hot shifting could be Caused by a solenoid that has shifting Could be caused by a Um Uh a throttle position sensor that hot Shifting p should be could be caused by A whole lot of different things then you Might want to you might want to check Check engine light code on it but if you If if it’s not caused by any of those Things and it’s hard this hard shifting And this a little bit of a slipping but Everything else in the transmission Seems to be fine Then this stuff will help because Because the atv 205 actually helped with My transmission issue but But if you guys have Like i said like i said i i guess i Can’t say this enough if you guys have a Transmission that you know you change Out the the transmission fluid and then You check the fluid and it’s all brown And black after like driving a couple Days

This probably won’t help you guys All right because at that point of Transmission is probably already broken And And You know it’s it’s a 13 bottle if you Don’t you guys don’t have Um any other choice And and Definitely you know Definitely see if you guys could get Some luck with this Definitely see if you guys can get some Luck with this all right if that’s if That’s just uh situation but i i think This will help if you guys have this Situation where Where you said your transmission is Slipping but it it everything is good on Transmission but for whatever reason is Slipping You know you did a flush on a Transmission or Or you know the transmission fluid is is Is is nice and fresh and pink and you Know but you’re still getting Transmission issues this might work Um But like i said these days with all the Electronics in vehicles there’s a lot of Things that could actually cause Transmission Related Symptoms and stuff like that but

But if you guys if you guys have used This Now i haven’t i haven’t gone up and i Haven’t gone out i haven’t Actually gone on the internet I haven’t brought i haven’t gone on Google and Try to do a search on The reviews that this has and stuff like That I’m not going to Um i’ve used riceland before they’re Pretty decent brand Uh and And i’m going to use this in replace of 82 atp 205. i’m going to use this in Replace of atp 205 because i can’t find It in the stores and i’m just gonna Cross my fingers that this will work i’m Pretty sure it will um anyway If you guys have any experience with Using this On like a good transmission that might Be having some a little bit of an issue With shifting Definitely leave a comment in the Comments section Um would really love to hear your Comments um in your experiences with it I’m pretty sure there’s a I’m pretty sure help a lot of people out As far as trying to figure out You know what to do and stuff like that Which which

Which of these Um where they should use this whether They should choose this to help fix Their their issue so anyway comments Leave a comment if you guys want to Subscribe subscribe please give me a Thumbs up all that good stuff right guys Take care

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