Radiator Relief Performance Coolant Additive from Design Engineering, Inc.

Radiator Relief™ solves the problem of high engine temps by reducing coolant temperatures up to 30 degrees.

Radiator Relief is an excellent method of treating cooling systems as a preventive step to help avoid overheating, electrolytic (electrolysis) and chemical corrosion and is compatible with all coolant additives and anti-freeze mixtures. Both an anti-foaming agent and corrosion inhibitor which balances the negative acidic effects that can develop over time are also included. Radiator Relief is also safe to use with all types of radiator materials including cast iron, copper, brass and aluminum.

Radiator Relief supercharges your radiator by transferring heat more efficiently through the radiator. Similar to the original formula this proven coolant additive will reduce your operating temperature reducing engine wear that occurs during extreme use. Radiator Relief is also formulated to reduces mineral deposits. This is the first additive that maintains pH levels that otherwise fluctuate over time resulting in core damage.

• Reduces engine temps up to 30°F
• Includes anti-foaming agent
• Corrosion inhibitor
• Reduces pre-existing scale build-up
• Compatible with all types of anti-freeze
• Recommended 1 oz per quart of coolant

[Music] Hey it’s mark nolan in the dei garage Now i’m not going to say this has ever Happened to you i’ll say it’s happened To me My car’s overheated before i’ve been Along side of the road i’m not saying It’s ever happened to you this is called Radiator relief this is what we needed Or i needed in that case high Performance coolant additive reduce Coolant temperatures up to 30 degrees it Makes coolants more efficient in heat Transfer prevents the cavitation in the Cooling system which eats away at the Cooling passages it’s all going to sound Scientific the reality is your car Doesn’t you know end up along the side Of the road overheating includes Corrosion inhibitors as well works with All coolants all mixtures water you Simply pour it into the cooling system They recommend about an ounce per quart Of coolant and really helps when you’re In stop and go traffic and sitting at The traffic lights again we’ve all been There radiator relief from dei design Engineering dot com [Music] You

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