Soza Trucking builds solid foundation in car haul

Soza Trucking small fleet owner-operator C.G. Soza of Atwater, California, believes any owner-operator seeking to find a good home with a carrier or to build his/her own carrier business strives to locate or produce three central qualities. It should be a freight niche whose work you fundamentally enjoy doing, with:Nothing in the way of dishonest dealing, unnecessary work or games played at the level of compensation, and:Delivering an income that will support you and your family the way you want.Today, he’s found those qualities by building them from scratch with a car-hauling business operating mostly out of and back into his home state that’s experienced fourfold growth since he bought out half of a partner’s business – their relationship went south – and he struck out on his own again in 2018.Today, he’s awaiting delivery on what will be the fifth tractor in the Soza Trucking fleet, and his third owned truck. Three owner-operators run under his authority currently, all pulling open eight-car trailers owned by Soza. The small fleet operator also bought a 2016 Freightliner Business Class M2 roll-back wrecker with an over-the-cab deck – all told, the straight truck is capable of moving four cars. Its purpose: related local work principally moving wrecked units. That purchase proved prescient as the COVID-19 pandemic forced Soza and company to shift their hauling mix as the flow of cars between auctions and dealers slowed considerably.It was the latest curveball thrown at an owner who’s experienced recent-history tragedies in his personal life as well. He’s weathered them all with thoughtful care, and stands poised for further growth headed into 2022. Soza Trucking owner-operator C.G. SozaC.G. Soza is a third-generation truck driver and owner – his grandfather and father both hauled hay out of Arizona. His father, Cornelio, met his mother while she…

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