The Melissa Peterson Letter!

Dear Car Talk,   I just wanted to warn your that if you don’t do something about that show of yours I am going to tell the E.P.A. (Environmental Protection Agency) to put a ban on your program. I am tired of you polluting the air waves with all those dumb jokes. I think that your show is absolutely awful and am sure that there are others who agree with me. It would also be grately appreciated if you would stop saying “Don’t drive like my brother” at the end of each program. I have never seen either of you drive but it can’t be that bad. Finally, you say that you run a mechanic shop. I don’t believe you. Nobody in their right mind would let either of you work on their cars. Melissa Peterson Seattle, Wa. P.S. You might get more callers if you didn’t insult the ones you got so much. P.P.S. My dog hates your show too. P.P.P.S. You said you wanted more mail. Well, here it is. I hope you are satisfied. I should get a Car Talk hat for this.   [ Tommy’s Haus of Mail ]

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