The Truth About Fuel Additives

Welcome to the tools and gasoline YouTube channel Today I kind of want to do a Truth about Uh fuel additives and That sort of thing And Uh this might be a little Not really in depth But I just want to kind of give you my Perspective and my experience with these Products Um I’ve used all three and they all have Uh different I guess opinions of That so I think we’ll start with the stable Um I will say that I it works it’s a pretty Pretty decent stabilizer uh here’s the Back of it Right here And you guys can pause and read that if You want So yeah One ounce treats up to two and a half Gallons Of fuel Yeah Okay So it worked all right Um But what I have found and then what People have said is that This is not really a good option for

Long-term storage So if you’re Planning on storing it for I don’t know more than six or seven Months That is not a good choice So Yeah I I really wouldn’t recommend it Now people over you know Up in the north Midwest where it snows Um It could probably use it uh during the Winter time And would probably work pretty decent But if you for whatever reason are Storing it for quite a while Maybe you have a pressure washer or a Generator like I do I don’t have a Generator but Um Yeah they tend to sit for a long time so You need to keep that fuel in good shape Uh Usually for me when I’m doing some Pressure washing that thing will sit for Months and months and months And it’s it’s just not sufficient with This stuff For my experience So I guess that takes care of that so We’ll go to the sea foam And everyone knows and have seen you Know the big clouds of white smoke when They see from their cars and their small

Engines and whatnot and basically that’s Cleaning Your fuel system And It’s not just pouring it in the tank And run it that way it’s dumping just a Little bit in the carburetor a little Bit a little bit you know and then You’ll see puffs of white smoke And then for the fuel injected engines You’ll get like a vacuum hose and then Just slightly Uh draw it in there Uh or you could get the sea foam spray And spray it on the uh on the throttle Itself Anyway Um So seafoam really works Fantastic for a cleaner it it is tried And true In that sense Um I want to spin around the back here It’ll probably be a little Tricky to see all that but I’ll try to Spin around and round You guys can pause it And actually this is good for putting it And put it in the excuse me Putting it in the crank case of your Engine In your car engine Uh this will really help to clean out

That oil and it’s really good to put it In Just before you get the oil change or You change the oil Put it in there I don’t know a couple Weeks before you change it and I will Really Uh clean everything out you know not Everything but some stuff And it actually will help on lifters and Uh And that sort of thing Uh just gum and grease in there Uh So yeah that’s the Sea Foam and From my perspective It’s a good cleaner But I found it to be not a very good Stabilizer Uh just It’s I just I’ve found it to be a good Cleaner and better cleaner than a Stabilizer It uh it might help a little bit but It’s not very Not very uh sufficient in my opinion Good cleaner though And then not least we have engineered Fuel now true fuel is not the only one Uh making engineered fuel there’s also Uh You know you have the steel Moto mix you Have the echo

Whatever it’s called and then a Husqvarna whatever it’s called I just happen to have true fuel on the Shelf That’s what I’ve been using in my Pressure washer Uh and also I have the two cycle version Of this I’m using in my chainsaw Just because those two just sit for Quite a bit and I really don’t use them Too much So this is what I use For it I have made a previous video on Engineered fuel this branded fuel here And from my experience it’s been Fantastic Absolutely fantastic I cannot complain Except for one thing of course and I Think other people will Understand as well If they have seen this in the if you Guys have seen this in the big box Stores Or You know whatever Amazon wherever you Get it It is extremely expensive To buy this stuff If you’re going to be putting it in Every small engine that you have that’s Gonna cost you Especially if you have big tanks in them And of course you’re not going to put This in your car that’s that would be

Ridiculous And we’re going to talk about pump gas In a little bit But engineered fuel it’s good if you Have you know a couple of items that you Have stored away for a long time you Just don’t to use them too much Like a generator Yeah Fantastic fuel it’s just very expensive And That’s really my only complaint on that So I kind of want to talk about pump gas Uh just before I head out of here And Basically a lot of people are saying oh You need to put some stabilizer in your In your gas And that sort of thing but the what the People don’t realize is that pump gas Has additives added to it already You already have the petroleum product You know pure Pure gasoline and then they you know Each brand of uh You know whoever makes the uh their own Version of the gas Like Chevron shell and uh you know that Sort of thing they put their own Additives in there So It has additives already you don’t need To be putting Extra fuel stabilizer and this is really

Only dedicated to cars You know Small Engines they have the Carburetors and With their carburetor design it doesn’t Really evaporate water very well and you Have that fuel on the carburetor bowl That just sits there and it will gum it Up and this where this fuel really Shines it really um Has no problem with that it’s never Going to happen But with Something like this stable or Sea Foam There is a risk of water attraction And it will reduce it but It could happen regardless And you don’t want to happen have that Happen When it’s being stored for a long time Now in the pump gas you could get 87 89 Or 91 93 premium And That’s all finding Dandy you know the More premium you go with gas the more Additives it’s going to have But if the thing you need to take into Consideration here is that for the most Part like The pump stations around me they’re 10 Ethanol Uh gas So The only no ethanol uh area that Sells non-ethanol gas

In my area would be like a marina or Something I don’t know about where you Guys live but you can definitely Google That and find out So that’s my whole take on it that’s uh My experience with these products And uh Yeah I hope you found it uh interesting And uh sorry if it’s not been So in depth and whatever is just my Opinion and what I want to talk about Here so Anyway thank you for stopping by the Channel I appreciate it and I’ll see you Soon

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