Water in fuel kills injector?| fuel Additives | Ram 3500

Water in fuel killed this Rams number 1 injector
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Adding the hair We’ve got a misfire on this 2014 Ram and This is going to be a video on the Importance of fuel additive That they feel Economy Um This guy had water in his field Floor that’s usually a very reputable Company but Like I was saying the importance of a Fuel additive no matter is it Lucas Hotshot Secret Heat whatever you run Run something in today’s world today’s Market in the Diesel Industry you can very easily get Water in your fuel when you fill up at The pump Um This guy came in had watering fuel Lights on it was misfiring badly still Is But we changed fuel filters diluted the Fuel put additive in it try and work Itself through Um and all the cylinders are firing Except cylinder one is Not on full power as you can hear Um fuel injector one went into an Injector kill test Does not make any difference in the tone Of the engine but two three four five Six two when I shut down the

Injectors manually with a scan tool so What we’re going to do here is Pull the valve cover and Test the electrical part of the fuel Injector wiring harness And then if that Test’s good We’ll change the fuel injector [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] Foreign [Applause] Thank you Okay so I swapped out that injector and Then I drained the tank and put his fuel In and Running like a cop So here’s the fuel sample that it took This is Shook Up So the water’s not separated right now But There’s a lot of water in here there you Can see a little bit The camera will focus Cat’s not focusing whatever But that’s way too cloudy fuel So would fuel additive have saved this Truck from having issues

My opinion probably not but you still Need in my opinion need to run fuel Additive because it increases your Lubricity Um that truck had way too much water in There’s no way That I can see that a fuel additive Would have stopped it from having Problems but it could have saved it from Having from an injector going out and That injector those injectors are Expensive so Just remember that next time you fuel up It’s probably a good idea to run a fuel Additive I recommend Hot Shot secret That being said guys they’re predicting In 25 days that we’re going to be out of Fuel in this country So that’s not good But I do have some good news for you Whatever happens God will still be on the throne and I Know that because God never changes and His grace is sufficient for you peace [Music]

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